informis EnrollTM

Reduce Enrollment Costs by 50% or More

By seamlessly blending people, technology, and processes, informis Enroll™ delivers a lead conversion rate that is up to three times the industry average.

Enrollment is a person-to-person sale; Informis has CSRs licensed in all 50 States

Medicare enrollment is still a people business. Seniors have many questions. They know their health care decision is a very important one. It quickly comes down to a personal discussion about Providers, Prescriptions, Hospitals, Benefits and Price.

Our people, technology and processes routinely enroll over 25% of initial marketing response interactions, resulting in a 50% decrease in enrollment costs.

Contact us at or 1-800-564-4102 to discuss how informis Enroll™ will help you enroll more prospects at a lower cost.  You can download a copy of this page’s content here.

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