informis RetainTM

What percent of your members could you contact today and at what cost?

Retention begins with contact. On average, plans attempt to contact their members four times per year.

Number of interactions per member per year 4
Total membership 100,000
Percent of membership actually reached 70%
Total number of live contacts with the member 280,000
Average cost per connect with the member $15.00
Annual cost of member connection $4,200,000
Annual savings of eliminating just one connect per year: $1,050,000

In a typical siloed environment companies must manage multiple vendors, systems, and channels. Are you in a position to eliminate just one member connection per year?

We are.

Contact us today or complete a brief inquiry form to discuss how Informis Retain™ will help you retain more members and maximize each member contact.  You can download a pdf version of this page here.

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