informis ServeTM

Next Generation HRA Predicts Member Wellness and Increases Revenue

informis Serve™ embeds the world’s most comprehensive clinical healthcare terminology into an HRA.

Terminology Insert Terminology ID ICD-9 ICD-10 HCC V12 HCC V21
Diabetic – Renal Disease (condition) DR-47122369 250.4 E08.2 HCC15 HCC18

What It Is

  • An HRA that generates projected ICD9/10 and HCC outcomes for the member.
  • An HRA that is securely sent to the provider and can serve as the “foundation” for the medical record or chart.

next-gen-HRA-03What It Means to Your Members

  • Early intervention for highest at-risk members.

What It Means to You

  • An HRA that costs at least 25% less
    to complete.
  • Improved MLR (Medical Loss Ratio).
  • Increased revenue from RAF
    (Risk Adjustment Factor) adjustments.

Contact us at or 1-800-564-4102 to discuss how informis Serve™ will improve your member wellness and create revenue. You can download a copy of this page’s content here.

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